The Gibson Case Mystery

by Mark on October 30, 2012

I took my case to be repaired at Sweetwater, and although the repair they did seemed to be ok, the case latches didn’t work freely as they did prior to me taking it to them.

I complained about it (Copied from the actual email sent):

Sorry to have to bother you with this but I’m very unhappy about it myself. I’m not sure if someone somehow damaged it or got their own case damaged and pulled the old switch-er-oo on me, but it is what it is.And quite frankly, I don’t expect anything to come of it, but I wanted to complain because I know it wasn’t like this when I brought it to Sweetwater and I figured somebody ought to know about it.
>>>>> I tried to send it to you, but my email said the file was too big, so here’s the link to YouTube. I up-loaded it there:
>>>>> Also, here is the clip from when I first opened the guitar. I caught it all on tape… I never struggled to open it then… and I shouldn’t have to now…

and their response was:

Hello. I looked at the video. I don’t see that the latches are defective?
>> I believe you if tell me the latches bind up a bit when you lift them up and down, however, I see no signs that they were bent or damaged?
>> Are you able to latch the case closed and do the latches stay in place when closed?
>> I am trying to figure out how to assist you.
>> We can bring the case back to Sweetwater and forward it to Gibson for eval/replacement if you like.
>> I do not have the same case available in stock.
>> Let me know how I can help.

So I said:

>> Yes you are right, It will latch, as I told you, it wasn’t like that before.
>> Hope you can keep it from happening to the next guy.
>> mark

They did offer to give me a discount on my next order or some accessories. I told him I wasn’t going to sped $20.00 in gas to come there and have some lame evaluation on it, and if they did send it back, it’s another $20.00 to pick it up, hell, I might as well buy a new case. So I offered a solution…

My wife and I are hosting and giving away toys and personal items to the children and families for the at the Ronald McDonald House Christmas Event this year and I asked that maybe they might want to donate something to that. As of this date… I have heard nothing back except from the Manager I dealt with and all he said is that he passed along the information.

So, I am passing this along so that you can be informed…


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