By: Mark Dennis

I’ve looked, … into your eyes, … Into the window of your soul tonight
and I feel like I’ve finally found, … My way home

You say, not today, and you’re right this is the way
and yes I guess it’s something that I knew
Pray as I may, I can’t seem to stay away
I just always seem to want to be with you

Even as you wait for time to tell you why
the moments mount until the years are far behind
Time goes on, ….. Even Now, … Even Now

Wait, won’t you wait, for another distant day
and I’ll take you to another place in time
Wait for the day when there’s nothing in our way
Then you and I will leave the past behind

Even though I try my heart still wonders why
and as we wait for time it’s time that goes on by
Even Now, … Even Now

Even Now, … Now and then, …
Even though you think that it could never happen again
Even though, … You don’t know, …
Well I would tell you if I only knew how
Even Now, …
Even Now, …
Even Now, …
Even Now, …
Even Now, …


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