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Francilene August 31, 2012 at 2:27 pm

Some parts of your question have been anwsered. Often times you will see more than one crash or ride. But the types of cymbals are usually crash, ride, hi-hats, splash or china.I have been playing for over 30 years. I am a cymbal junkie.I will agree with one of the previous people and say there is no best brand. Every brand makes good and bad stuff. Depends totally on your taste.Go to a drum shop and hit some cymbals till you hear a sound you like. Now price can also be a issue but there are some good ones even in the entry level area. Do not be afraid to check into used cymbals either, sometimes you can find a gem. I would also recommend going with quality over quantity right now. Better to have a few good sounding cymbals than a bunch of OK but not great ones.There is a another person who recommended some other lesser known brands another one is UFIP, they are made in Italy. Very nice cymbals. They also have a top notch entry level too.Again I have to say go and listen to some before you even think about buying. Also look at some of the drummers you like or the songs you like and find out what they are playing.Good luck.References :


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