Important steps to consider when Buying A Branded Guitar


Important steps to consider when Buying A Branded Guitar

The first important step is to consider the quality and the reliability of the instrument.

Why you buy a branded guitar?

A branded guitar, is often easier to play and has a better sound. For a beginner, this is an advantage because you get a satisfactory result. When asked the question about what guitar to buy, a great guitar player once said, “Always buy the best instrument as your budget allows.” But it’s better for you to not compromise on the quality of the instrument.

When you are a beginner guitar player, you are not sure for how long you would continue playing it. For this reason, it is not always wise to invest in a good quality guitar at the beginning.

How to choose a guitar?

Regardless of the type of guitar that you want to buy, there are some points that you should be careful about, especially when buying a new guitar. If you are a beginner and know nothing about guitars, but want to buy the best guitar, my best advice would be to  take an experienced guitarist friend of yours along with you for the shopping, to try it out.

Once in front of the guitar, what should you check?

The sound quality of the guitar

Once you have looked at the guitar, it’s time to try and test the playability, comfort and sound level of it.

Checklist of things to lookout for (not exhaustive):

The comfort

  • Are you comfortable with your guitar?  When playing or holding the chords?

  • Check whether the guitar is balanced.

The handle

  • The handle, is it straight? Make sure, it is not bent or twisted (if that is the case, the guitar is not suitable for buying)

  • Make sure that the frets are in good condition. Also check for their shabbiness.

  • Do all notes sound-well? To check, do not hesitate to play all the notes of the handle (usually if there is any problem, it is in the treble round from the 15th fret)


Check if the body is in good condition. Just tap on it to listen to the sound of the drum and hear the defects, if there are any.

The sound

Is the sound good? Do You like it?

Where to buy a guitar?

You can easily find branded guitars on the internet. There are countless ads for guitars and you can find anything related to them on the internet easily. If you want to buy through internet, ask to try the guitar before you buy it (therefore prefer ads in your area). Beware of scams to fake guitars and other copies also. I made this mistake when I bought my second guitar.


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