At What Age Should I Consider Buying Life Insurance?




There is really not a age that is set specifically for you to buy life insurance. However, many agree that there is a time in your life when you need life insurance the most and other times in your life when it might not count as much. You should buy life insurance when you have a mortgage or dependents and these two things can happen at any point in your lifetime.

Life insurance provides peace of mind and helps to protect your loved ones if something bad or unexpected happens. On the other hand, a mortgage lender often times tend to make some sort of condition to help with guaranteeing that they will be repaid in full.

New studies show that events that happen in life when are life changing such as buying property or getting married is one of the best times to buy life insurance.


Here’s the age line break down as to when you should not or should consider buying life insurance:   


  • When you are under the age of 18 then you don’t need protection because often times your parents or loved ones watch after you. However, it is a good idea to still save money for when you do want to buy protection.

  • You might need to buy protection when you are a young adult because you might start providing for yourself.

  • Between 20-40 years of age you start facing some of the biggest protection needs at that point in your life. Everything could be changing fast for you and you might find yourself in a situation to where many people depend on you.

  • In your mid 40’s you might be watching your children grow up and fast approaching an age of becoming independent. You might need to shift the protection and instead of it being on them you can put it towards your partner and yourself.

  • When you reach the 50’s or older you generally start to change and protection is further away from you now unfortunately. It is always best to plan for the unexpected in life because you never know what might happen in a few years.

Before You Decide To Buy Life Insurance Know The Differences

At whatever age you decide to buy life insurance make sure that you do plenty of research and study all of the policies on them. All life insurance plans and policies vary and it is important to pick the one that is suitable for you and your family. Don’t just rush into the decision without knowing exactly what you are buying or you might come to regret it later.

Never be afraid to ask about the policy, how long it might actually last and always be sure to find out what type of premiums you might be getting and how the death benefit will work if something unexpected does happen to you. Writing down all of the information that they provide is always a good idea because then you’ll be able to look back at it later if you start having doubts as to if you should get life insurance.

If you know what type of insurance you would like to buy but still unsure as to if you are at the right age then talk with the life insurance company before you buy it. Buying life insurance is like a life long commitment and you want to be sure that you really need to get it at this point in your life. If you find out that you are not at the age yet then just keep on saving and prepare for when you are at the appropriate age to buy life insurance.




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