Luci Colo Inflatable Solar Light

Waterproof, lightweight and solar powered, this light has 8 different colors to help you see in the dark. Take it with you camping, swimming or just pack it up for a night of exploration! It’s perfect to use indoors or out and kid-friendly as well! Ramp up your home decor with this fun Inflatable solar light!

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Radz Candy Dispensers

Make your child’s candy fun this holiday season with Radz candy dispensers! Available in a variety of unicorns, dinosaurs, DC superheroes and winter characters like, kids and adults alike will have a blast with these adorable little candy dispenser that can double as key chains. Each Radz dispenser also comes with a mini poster and collectors booklet. Add some Radz to your kids’ stockings today!

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Dreambaby Safety Kit

Dreambaby 46 Piece Home Safety Kit

Child proof and baby proof your house with this safety kit. Includes outlet covers, sliding locks, doorknob covers and so much more. You can rest easy knowing that you’ve taken the proper precautions to make your home as safe as possible for all the little ones!

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Cupcake Surprise Series 3 Minis


Transforms from a scented cupcake to beautiful Princess doll or what else shale it be? The surprise awaits for what lays  inside these adorable mini cupcakes. Now take a peek of what’s inside. With “12 different styles and 6 different scents available to collect, strawberry, vanilla, grape, chocolate, lemon and caramel Colors and styles may vary. Collect all 12 different Cupcake Surprise dolls available in the bridal edition. Or just indulge in the many different scents.”

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Wild Republic Stuffed Animals

Danger Beware the Anilmals have come in style! Not only can you choose from wild safari, just for baby, personalized and of course buy in bulk for special occasions. From “Jumbo stuffed animals, tiny stuffed animals, and all sizes in between can be found here at Stuffed Safari. Pink plush, purple plush, blue plush, and almost any other color of stuffed animal you might need is just a short search away. Thousands of stuffed animals, hundreds of different species, one awesome website for all of your plush needs.” Need to give your animal style? How about putting it right on the chest of a personalized stuffed animal?! That’s right, you can create a customized message and we’ll print it on a t-shirt or bandana that fits on the stuffed animal.” How awesome is that! Order now at Stuffed Safari

Smarter-Seal Soda Can Lids

If you have someone in your home who, like me, has an open can of their favorite beverage just about all the time, Smarter Seal Soda Can Lids are a perfect item to slide into their stocking. Lids will keep out pesky bugs, help prevent messy spills, plus keep carbonation fresh a little longer. Smarter Seal Soda Can Lids are a great, inexpensive gift that they didn’t know they needed!

Smarter Seal Soda Can Lids are available at Amazon

Dolce Santa Plush Teether

Little ones will love all of the sensory stimulation provided by this adorable Santa teether. It features bright colors, a jingling bell in his bag, and a Dolce teether, plus a variety of fun textures to explore and play with. The Dolce brand stands for Develop, Observe, Learn, Create, Educate and little ones will get all of these important points in this sweet and simple tool. Santa will be a friend that they have fun with all throughout the year.

Available at Magformers

EXIT the Game

Escape rooms are one of the hottest trends in family entertainment. Working together to solve riddles and puzzles to escape or find the solution to a mystery can provide hours of fun and bonding time. Kosmos games brings that fun home with EXIT the Game. Choose from a number of different mystery themes and challenge levels, then play together right at home. This is the perfect holiday gift for older tweens and teens, or as a family gift that can be used on game nights to provide some great quality family time.

Available at  Thames and Kosmos

Lulla Doll

Do you have a fussy, hard to soothe baby or toddler? Lulla Dolls are the perfect companion for your little one. These soft, cotton dolls are designed to simulate the closeness of a human being. With the soothing sounds of breathing and heart beats, Lulla Dolls are perfect for sleep training your child. Their research has shown that babies who sleep with the Lulla Doll have longer periods of uninterrupted sleep and are at a lower risk of SIDS. Give the gift of peace and calm to a special baby AND mom in your life.

Available at Lulla Doll

Okee Dokee Brothers – Winterland

Tired of all the same old boring Christmas music? Kick it up a notch with the upbeat, down-home, swinging sound of the Okee Dokee Brothers’ new Winterland album. Not exactly Christmas music, not exactly country, these tunes are perfect for your next holiday get together. With fun, make-you-wanna-dance songs like Keep Me Warm and Blankets of Snow, you’ll be dancing a jig all night to keep you warm!

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Noodley LED Hats & Gloves

It’s that time of year again. The leave have all gone, the snow is falling and it’s COLD outside. Let your kids stay warm in style with Noodley LED light-up hats and gloves! Not only do they make winter fun, they increase your child’s visibility in the dark. They also make great stocking stuffers!

Available on The Noodley

Dolce Snowman Plush Teether

Babies love these adorable snowmen teether toys. Not only do they provide teething relief with the soft, flexible teether, they also help develop sensory skills. WIth soft fabrics, a crinkle in the nose, a bell in the belly and a mirror on the bottom, babies can delight in this new friend all year long.

Available at Magformers

LOL Surprise Lights Ups

Surprise! Each one of these adorable light up key chains also comes with a glow in the dark sticker and a checklist. My daughter absolutely adores LOL Surprise dolls, so I know these will make the perfect stocking stuffers for her. She can hang them on her backpack, in her locker or in her room! There are 8 to collect in all!

Available on Amazon

Handle Plus Tablet Stand

Tablet users rejoice! No longer do you need to worry about how to best prop up your table without it falling over, or how to hold it without dropping it. The Handle Plus can be used as a stand, a hanger, a carrier, and a handle. No matter where you take your tablet — home, the office, the gym, the beach — it is now easier and safer to use your tablet with ease. It snaps onto ANY tablet and features 360° rotation, making this the perfect stocking stuffer for all the tablet users in your life.

Available on Kickstarter

Squish ‘Ums

Squishable toys are all the rage this holiday season and for good reason. They’re adorable, they’re relaxing and best of all, they’re affordable! Say hello to BullsiToys new lines of Squish ‘Ums. The sugar skulls come in 16 vibrant colors and are perfect for your next Dia de los Muertos celebration. The new Yummy series features 16 scented treats that look good enough to eat. And finally, make a new friend with the Pet Boutique series, featuring 16 scented pets. Squish ‘Ums make perfect stocking stuffers for children ages 6 and up.

Available on BullsiToys