I grew up in the country, outside of a small town in Ohio. A friend of mine gave me my first guitar and showed me the simple chords and that was my start. Later I moved to San Diego California where I lived for a short time and then by some strange twist of fate ended up on the other end of the Continent, Jacksonville Florida ( go figure…). There I met a fantastic guitarist who showed me bar chords and some music theory. That is when I started writing music, thank you Julius. I played in some bands and life was good.

Eventually I moved back to Ohio, played in some more bands and got married. Music took a back seat. Family is very important to me. However, I played all the time.

Music has always been a strong force in my life. It has always been my friend. We have laughed together, cried together, found love and fought together. I believe it is the one universal language.

I have a lot of songs written before the world of DAW, but I need to record them in a finished version; and that is what I am doing now.I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I do playing them…

Take care,