38 thoughts on “Zoom HD16 Panning Drums

  1. Hi,
    Just found your Great Website. I’ m just starting to learn how to record With my zoom hd 16 cd.

    Question: how do I get just the drum pattern to play without the bass guitar?



  2. I had the same problem at first. The Best way I have found is to just turn the volume off on the Bass. From the main screen, hold down the “shift” key and press pad 7 (pattern). The rhythm pattern screen should appear. Turn the dial until the rhythm pattern is shown that you want to turn the Bass off of. Then press the “edit” key. The pattern edit menu will appear. Now curser right or left until it says “Bass Level”. The current volume will be in a number form. Turn the dial till it says 0. Then just hit “exit” till you’re back to the main menu. If you have any more questions, just ask….

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