First Act ME301 Guitar Review


You may not know it, but First Act makes a lot of products. They are a musical instrument manufacturer. First Act produces Guitars, Basses, Drum Kits, Percussion instruments, Amplifiers, and an array of different accessories. First Act was founded in 1995, so they have been around a while. Today we are going to take a look at one of their guitars.

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Checking the Neck

I am in hopes that your frets are in fair shape. If they are badly worn, you may want to have them replaced. If you have been experiencing fret buzz and your frets are badly worn, this may be the reason for it and not the action of your guitar.

A quick reference for checking the neck’s alignment with the bridge is to place a carpenter’s square on the frets of the neck and see if it lines up with the bridge (as seen below).

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Native American Flutes


There are many stories that explain the origin of the Native American Flute. Since my knowledge is only of what I have touched and felt, I do not know. But my grandfather told me that each one was made through the direction of a shaman. They used each individual’s arm and hand and fingers as their guide to its dimensions. In doing this, each one had its own sound and was as unique as the one who made it. The flutes were used mainly in courtship, but was also used for spiritual healing and growth. I believe he spoke the truth.

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