Scar Removal Options and Consequences


Scars can affect you more than you think, form a mental perspective as well as cosmetically. Although traditionally scars are normally permanent, there are ways around it, but you do need to be careful with it too. Let’s take a deeper look.

How Dermabrasion Works on Scar Removal

Dermabrasion is used for scar removal by applying a fraise or a burr (a rough-edged diamond wheel) or wire brushes. The top coating of the skin is removed in order to remove the scar. The burr or brush rotates fast smoothening or abrading by taking off as well as leveling the top coating of skin. The process, however, hurts or injures the skin; essentially causing bleeding. Nevertheless, when the injury heals, new skin develops in order to replace damaged skin which was removed in the course of dermabrasion.

The scar removal process starts with cleaning and marking the areas which are going to get treated. A local anesthesia is given with medicines like lidocaine. This numbs the part of the skin to help the treatment happen without causing any pain. The doctors use an ice pack for around 30 minutes on the skin as well. A cryogenic-like freezing spray is used at times for hardening the part of the skin so that deeper abrasion in case the ice packs and the anesthetic do not help make it firm enough. The scar removal process happens by targeting one area at a time. Doctors use gauze in order to stop bleeding. The treated area is generally covered with an ointment or a sanitary dressing.

Consequences of Scar Removal when using Cheap Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are used in scar removal. However, in most cases, there are side effects to them. These side effects are not always abnormal and go away with one to few days, but the side effects that persist need to be attended to.

Scar removal treatment in most cases is not very painful. Pain is often encountered in sensitive body parts like lips and nose in comparison to the other areas. However, the kind of dermal filler actually used is directly responsible for the severity of symptoms. Best industry standard dermal fillers will show less severe symptoms.

Most of the dermal fillers for scar removal can cause allergic symptoms. In case of allergic reaction, the likelihood of any body part being affected is high. The allergic condition can last for weeks. However, if it persists, it needs immediate medical attention. If top quality dermal fillers are used, the chances of side effects like allergic reaction are low.

While risks of side effects with skin treatments like scar removal can be eliminated altogether, it can certainly be minimized with the use of dermal fillers from trusted manufacturers. In several cases side effects do not emerge immediately. Some of these side effects like lumps under the skin can begin to look like permanent when you will need medical advice.

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