Why You Shouldn’t Set A New Years Resolution This Year

Here’s the deal…every year, millions of people around the world set New Year’s resolutions for themselves. Why?! Some are doable, while others truly aren’t. It’s like taking a clean slate, a brand new year and setting a goal for yourself that you likely aren’t going to do.

This year, do something different. Instead of setting a New Years resolution that you aren’t going to follow, why not set “simple steps” that you know you can accomplish? Each week or month, simple goals that you can obtain in a short amount of time. They can be as simple as taking a walk every day or making one day per week be a day that you take your friend out to dinner.

Simple, easy, and obtainable!

If you ever wonder why you shouldn’t set a new years resolution this year, here are some reasons to skip it this year!

Why You Shouldn’t Set A New Years Resolution This Year

  • If you set a resolution that you can’t actually do, you’re just setting yourself up for failure.

Don’t be your own worst enemy. New Years Resolutions are great if they can be upheld…but if not, you’ve started your year out with a bit of a bummer.

  • Most resolutions are short term.

People always say that “this is the year” and set these mega resolutions to kick start their life, but in all actuality, most resolutions only hang around for the short term. Why do you think that there are so many gym memberships for January and then no one is going to the gym anymore by the time March rolls around?

  • Don’t limit yourself to doing something for yourself only when the New Year happens.

Who started the trend with the new year being the start of the “new” you? This year, make the entire year about you and don’t want until January 1st starts to make it happen.

Don’t get me wrong…New Year’s resolutions can be great. So many people use them as motivators to get started on something that they’ve been dreading or putting off. And while that can be great, that doesn’t mean that a resolution should define you as well.

If you feel that you need to set a resolution for the New Year, set several that you know you’ll accomplish. The more resolutions that you can set for yourself that you can knock out in a short amount of time, the more motivated that you’ll feel to keep that energy going for the entire year, and possibly even longer!

When January 1st rolls around, sit back and listen to what resolutions your family and friends are setting for the year, and then let them know that this year, you aren’t calling them resolutions but more short-term goals. Who knows…you may just start a trend that catches on throughout the world.

And honestly, it’s a good way to look at the year. If you have the ability to conquer a ton of short-term goals to help you better in your future, why wouldn’t you?!

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