Finding the Best Deals Online

Nobody likes to be taken advantage of- but on the internet, it can be tough to know that you are getting things at a fair price. That’s why we made this guide to help you, make sure your money is going as far as it should.

5 Ways You Can Make Sure You’re Getting the Best Deals

  1. Make Use of a Price Comparison Tool – Google Shopping provides a widely supported and easy to use price comparison tool. By searching for your product on Google Shopping before you make your final purchase, you can easily get a price comparison from a couple of websites which supply the same or similar products. Certain products or services such as laptops, phones or gaming, often have dedicated sites just for comparing deals from specialized retail shops as opposed to Google’s more widespread search. For example, you would be better looking at a specialized resource for the best bonus spin deals, you’d be better off looking at an authority in that niche.
  2. Be Patient – What might look like the best deal ever, often turns out to just be a regular price rotation (a practice where shops, raise the price of an item and then drop it so that they can advertise a said product as being “on sale”. However being willing to wait to click the buy now button, will often allow you to do the research you need to ensure you are getting the most for your dollar.
  3. Wait for Seasonal Specials – Special Holidays like Black Friday are often times when businesses expect to do more business, this means that they put more items on sale in the hopes of attracting customers. By holding off on buying big ticket items like TVs until these seasonal holidays or special events roll around, you can always ensure you will be getting the absolute best deal possible
  4. Don’t Fall for Free Shipping – Author, Ted Hughes, recorded this aphorism. And it holds true even more today, often so called free shipping, is already worked into the price, to make you feel like you’re getting a special deal but finding a different supplier and opting to pick up the item will almost always result in a lower price than so called free shipping. Shipping is expensive and would undercut the profits of any organization. Massive businesses like Amazon are able to lower their costs of shipping but there will always be a cost associated with shipping.
  5. Sometimes Spending can Work Out Cheaper – If there is a service that you commonly make use of, it will often work out cheaper to commit to a longer term service. Often these services also come packaged with other deals you can make use of, such as Amazon Prime where you get “free deliveries”, discounts, and access to services such as Twitch Prime, Amazon Prime Video and Kindle. If you are going to make use of any of these services, it would likely work out in your favor to get the full subscription.

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