The key elements to a better love choice

The Elusive Soulmate

Relationships are hard.

It’s something people say all the time. Looking and being in relationships is hard work. It makes you not want to deal with the drama of it all. But those feelings of wanting to be with someone and having someone to come home to continue to creep up. Love can mean many things to many different people. It could produce feelings of euphoria, regret, or longing. Some rejoice in it and to some, it’s a four-letter word. People need some type of love to have joy in their lives. Fortunately, most have the love of friends and family. However, romantic love remains elusive for many.

So how does one find the love they crave? How do they find the love only a soulmate can produce? Most who are looking for the perfect partner may not want to hear the next words, but it needs to be said.

Know Thyself
It starts with you. This is a cliche, but it’s true. You have to look within and know your worth. The vibes you give out is what attracts like-minded people to you. It is important to be the best person you can be before you think about bringing someone else into the mix. In order to to do that you need to explore yourself inside out. A partner can’t understand you if you don’t understand your strength and weaknesses or your happy moments and triggers click here to learn more.

You Are Not Half A Person
A soulmate is a companion, but they do not complete you. You are a fully formed person without them. Thoughts of fairytales have ruined many people. There’s a pandemic of a fantasy many people suffer from that finding the perfect mate will magically change their life. If you’re not a fully formed person then a single person cannot make you feel better about you. You need to fall in love with yourself first if you want the relationship you desire.

Have Fun With Dating
Do not treat finding your soulmate like an interview. Have fun! Meeting new people and going on new adventures is what life is about. So many people stress about dating apps and going on the perfect date. It’s time to relax and just go with the flow. When you get to know yourself inside and out, you know what makes your heart soar. Whether it’s going skydiving, skating in the park, or the classic dinner and a movie, don’t forget to have fun. Every date won’t be an instant love connection, but every date can be a grand time. Live your life and play that field.

Do Not Settle Because You Feel Lonely
This one person has been asking you for a date for ages. You finally give in because you don’t want to grow old without anyone. You find yourself in a relationship but you’re incredibly unhappy because you have no sincere connection with this person. You’re only going to make yourself miserable. It’s more lonely to be with someone that doesn’t make your heart pitter-patter to that special love drum than to be single. There no such disease called chronic singleness. Being by yourself will not kill you or make you suffer. There’s no reason to settle for just anyone. You deserve to treat yourself better than that.


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