CBD for Weight Loss: Does It Work?

For many people, weight loss is a top goal. Whether they’re following a doctor’s advice to reach a healthier BMI or are striving for your goal weight, you’ve probably tried a lot of methods in your attempts at losing weight. You know that, at its simplest, you need a calorie deficit—to take in fewer calories than your using—to lose weight but are looking for ways to help kickstart that weight loss. You’ve probably heard recommendations for CBD products like CBD tinctures, creams, and oils for not just general wellness but healthy weight loss, too. But the question is: can CBD help people lose weight? According to experts in the cannabinoid field, the answer is yes.

Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the component in marijuana that provides a high, cannabidiol (CBD) actually helps curb your appetite, according to Dr. Allan Frankel. Frankel suggests that “CBD brings the body into homeostasis, or balance, it can work in two directions: cutting appetite in people who over-eat, and increasing appetite in those who need to eat more.” If you’re considering taking advantage of CBD for weight loss or to improve your overall health, it’s important to learn how best to include it in your weight loss regimen.

Find the right CBD company, dose, & product for you.

CBD products come in a wide variety of forms and dosages, from an array of different brands. Learn about the best ways to choose a CBD product, When researching companies, look for one like SeraLabs, which features natural, organic ingredients and formulas backed by science. Their CBD oil 500mg dosage, for example, aims to help users live a healthier life with full spectrum CBD, hempseed, and peppermint oils. If you use prescription medications or suffer from a medical condition, be sure to ask your doctor for any suggested adjustment for dosages, and whether a certain product, like a CBD tincture or CBD oil, is best for you.

Combine CBD use with healthy fitness goals.

Whether you opt for a CBD oil, gummy, or tincture, you’ll find the most long-term success from combining it with a fitness regimen, too. Download an app to ease into it or sign up for a gym membership or sessions with a personal trainer to dive into the deep end, so to speak. If you’re motivated by having a tangible goal to work towards, consider signing up for a 5K or other race. There are even virtual runs available if you’d rather cross the finish line on your own time. Don’t be afraid to make adjustments to an exercise to accommodate any physical restrictions and remember—simply getting off the couch and walking around the block or doing a few crunches will put you ahead of those who are sitting still!

Ensure your diet follows suit.

When using a full spectrum CBD oil or other product to aid weight loss, it’s important to maintain other lifestyle changes and healthy habits, like meal plans filled with nutritious ingredients and real whole foods. A professional, high-quality weight loss program can help you develop the best nutrition plan for your needs, factoring in any relevant health conditions or medications. Keep track of what you’re eating for the best results—with some trial and error, you can find the ideal meal plan to complement your CBD products of choice.

When you’re trying to lose weight, it’s natural that you’d want all the help you can get, whether that’s through a weight loss program that helps you find nutrient-rich whole foods to fuel your body or a CBD oil that, amongst other benefits, helps curb your appetite. Combined with healthy habits like regular exercise and a mindful diet, CBD can be just what you need to reach a healthy weight and start looking and feeling better as soon as possible.

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