Zildjian Avedis 16″ Medium-Thin Crash

Zildjian “A”

Avedis 16″ Medium-Thin Crash


Sometimes you just need to hear it to know if you would like it. Some of my cymbals accent each other and some just sound out of place. It isn’t that the cymbal sounds bad. By itself (or with the right complimentary cymbals) it sounds great! So finding what works with your drum set, or just what sounds pleasing to you, is what you should buy. Don’t buy a cymbal because your buddy reccommends it or because Johnny Goes Faster plays it. Drums and cymbals are each unique (as we are) and should be chosen because You like it.

It might even be for sale, I haven’t decided yet, I kind of like it…

Enjoy the video,




I Started out in 1976 trying out to sing in bands but no bands were interested in me. In 1977 I started playing guitar. The individual that was teaching me (who for now will remain anonymous) told me that I would NEVER learn how to play guitar because I had no sense of rhythm. I joined my first band in 1978 called "Dead Center" in Jacksonville, Florida. I played an Aspen guitar, black; a Les Paul copy and in 1981. I gave that guitar to the teacher who said I'd never learn to play. I wrote my first song in 1979 or '80. Over the years I have been in many bands but my passion has been songwriting. I have written well over 100 songs and though the early ones were kind of rough around the edges, I think that most of them could be dusted off and given a new facelift. Today I am still working on my songs. Currently I can play guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, harmonica, and Native American flute. The flutes that I play are ones that I made myself. My guitars are the Epiphone G-400 faded, an Ibanez RG370 DX, an Epiphone G 1275 double neck guitar. My acoustic guitars are an Alvarez 12 string and an old Kay guitar. My drum set is a Peace drum set. I do my recording on a Zoom HD16.
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