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  2. There is no ‘standard’ setup of cymbals, as such. You play with wetaevhr you think will help your sound I personally use hats, crash and x2 big rides. Sometimes I just use hats/ride. It’s all a matter of what sound you want or need.However, I believe you are referring to splash (small) and china (trashy and odd-looking).There is no “best brand”, either. Go to your local drum store, try some out and decide which you think sounds best.Check out other brands too, like Istanbul, Bosphorus and Turkish.EDIT: How could I forget Meinl and UFIP? The shame. Kudos to Methor & Heather for noting them, but I’m a lowly level 1 and can’t thumbsup anyone yet.My first “proper” set of cymbals were Meinl Classics (plus an Amun series crash), very loud and perfect for rock.My drum teacher was a fan of UFIP. Very nice cymbals indeed, but rather on the expensive side for me and difficult to find second-hand due to (a) lack of popularity, and (b) they sound GREAT so people don’t often part with them! It’d be worth finding a store that stocks these just to try them if you have a decent budget.Also, don’t be afraid to buy second-hand. Some cymbal sounds become really nice when the cymbal has seen a bit of use particularly in ranges which are overly bright to some when new (like Zildjian A and Sabian AA).Currently I use Zildjian (13″ K hats, 16″ A crash, 20″ K ride) and Turkish (22″ Classic ride), all bought used. The hats and rides are dark, menacing and enveloping, while the crash (VERY used) is fairly thin and cuts through nicely when needed.This setup is exactly what I like to play with and works well for me (not to mention sounds great with a 70’s wood/fiberglass kit, but that’s just bragging), while others prefer quite different setups (as seen in other answers).Of course, cymbals tend to be expensive, which is another reason to buy from eBay, drum magazines or local stores.References : Experience

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