Zoom HD16 Part 6

Zoom HD16

Using it as a Looper:


I Started out in 1976 trying out to sing in bands but no bands were interested in me. In 1977 I started playing guitar. The individual that was teaching me (who for now will remain anonymous) told me that I would NEVER learn how to play guitar because I had no sense of rhythm. I joined my first band in 1978 called "Dead Center" in Jacksonville, Florida. I played an Aspen guitar, black; a Les Paul copy and in 1981. I gave that guitar to the teacher who said I'd never learn to play. I wrote my first song in 1979 or '80. Over the years I have been in many bands but my passion has been songwriting. I have written well over 100 songs and though the early ones were kind of rough around the edges, I think that most of them could be dusted off and given a new facelift. Today I am still working on my songs. Currently I can play guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, harmonica, and Native American flute. The flutes that I play are ones that I made myself. My guitars are the Epiphone G-400 faded, an Ibanez RG370 DX, an Epiphone G 1275 double neck guitar. My acoustic guitars are an Alvarez 12 string and an old Kay guitar. My drum set is a Peace drum set. I do my recording on a Zoom HD16.
Native American Flutes
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  • Chuck
    July 14, 2013 at 3:05 am

    Great demo!
    I have a phrase question.

    I have a loop (phrase) the is 30 seconds long.
    My song is 4 minutes long.
    I want the phrase to start at the 2:30 mark and end at 3:00 mark.
    Is this possible to do?
    How do you “audition” (listen to the phrases that are included with the HD16CD? pages 207-208?



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