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3 Awesome Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Let’s say your son or daughter’s birthday party is only a month away, and they’re at the age when they’re going to want to celebrate with a little more people and a few more sources of entertainment. This will require extra work in buying food that the kids will like and materials for fun games.

There are a few ways you can make this process simple. The methods you choose to keep kids at the party entertained may depend on any particular themes you want to add to the occasion, as well as how the environment is used to make games extra fun. Here are three awesome ideas you should try for your kid’s next birthday party.

Superhero Theme

It’s hard to find a kid who doesn’t tie a towel around their neck and pretend to be Superman while jumping off couches and beds. You can make your child’s birthday an even bigger blast by having all of the invites dress up as their favorite superhero. From DC’s Superman, Wonder Woman, and Flash to Marvel’s Iron Man, Thor, and Spider-Man, the kids will have an easy time picking a costume out. You can provide plastic toys to help them play games where they can have superhero team-ups come to life.

You can even let kids dress up as the Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and other heroic characters who don’t officially go under the “superhero” title. Anime characters such as Goku and Naruto can also serve as suitable options for a hero-themed party. Harry Potter, Frodo, and other characters from famous books can work, as well. One way to top off the party is with the latest superhero movie to come out on DVD, especially if you decide to have everyone over later in the day and have a big screen set up in the backyard.

Treasure Hunts

It’s important to keep the kids at a birthday party busy when you’re setting things up for lunch and dessert. One creative way to do that is to set up a treasure hunt. In addition to making the kids feel like they’re on an adventure in the comfort of their own home, this will be an opportunity for them to develop their teamwork and analyzing skills. You can set up clues throughout the house and in different spots outside, but be careful not to put them in a place where the kids could break something accidentally. Having covered with options such as this homeowners insurance in New Jersey can help pay for any damage.

Setting up treasure hunts can also be fun if you decide to hold the party somewhere other than your home, such as a park in the neighborhood. This will give your kids a chance to experience the outdoors, and it could give you more space to make preparations for activities and meals scheduled for later on. The kids may be lucky enough to discover some birds, squirrels, chipmunks, and other small animals during their search. Be sure to set up the hunt close enough where they won’t get lost, and have adults, such as the other kids’ parents, monitor the hunt while you’re doing your work.


Sometimes, having a birthday party at your house can limit the options that kids will have for games. If you can afford to do so, you might be better off taking the kids to the local arcade so that they have something to entertain them for every second another visit. This will come in handy if your kids are used to spending most of their time outside, as the new experience will be exciting for them. Be sure that whatever spot you take the kids to will have enough games to help everyone have fun so that none of them are waiting for another to be done with a game they’re interested in.

Another option could be to take the group to interactive locations, such as laser tag NYC hotspots. These games can make kids feel like there are the heroes they watch in action movies. Other venues to consider could also have basketball hoops to let party guests, show-off, their shots and bowling alleys for those who have never bowled before. Sumo wrestling suits and mechanical bull rentals also come in handy for helping the kids stay active before they eat pizza, hamburgers, cake, ice cream, and other delicious food.

Take these ideas into consideration so that your kids can have a fun time with friends on their birthday.

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