Decorating Like an Adult

For most of us, defining our own space through decoration is something that we do from an early age. But how we choose to decorate changes over time. Posters and other wall-hangings that once seemed fresh and cool may begin to look dated, not to mention a little juvenile.

As you leave your home or your dorm room and begin to make your way in the world, you may begin to feel that you need a new interior decorating style. Ragged posters and photo collages are wonderful in the right context, but it’s no fun to feel like your room or your apartment looks like it belongs to someone who is 10 or 15 years younger than you are. Here’s how to grow up and get the interior style that really suits you.

Frames and canvas: change your decor, keep your style

If you’re not comfortable with how things look now, but you’re also reluctant to part with your big push-pin-supported photo collage or that beat-up poster you’ve treasured for so long, you’ll be glad to know that you don’t have to sacrifice your priorities when you spruce up your style. You just need to change how you present them.

Take photographs of friends and family, for instance. Who wouldn’t want those in their home? You should absolutely keep them around, but you should think again about how they look. Why not invest in a high-quality canvas print? Custom canvas printing services can give you a way to display the same photos you have tacked on the wall right now but on a classy art-quality canvas surface. The high quality will make your room look nicer and will call attention to the photo you’ve chosen to treat so reverently.

Another way to improve the decor is to invest in frames for your most treasured posters and small prints. You can even make your own frames! Adulthood isn’t so different from youth — you’ll still have your interests. Those interests will just look a little more polished and professional.

Build your furniture collection one piece at a time

When we first move out of our parents’ homes or furnished dormitory rooms, we have to buy a lot of things at once: beds, bookshelves, desks, and other furniture essentials are suddenly things that we have to have ourselves. That will lead to some cheap purchases for your first off-campus apartment or the place near your new job.

But when you do decide that you’ve had enough of cheap furniture, don’t try to change everything at once. If you invest in all your furniture at once, you’ll move just one small step up from the Target and Ikea buys you’re currently using.

Instead, invest in one solid piece of furniture that will last. Then save up again and, after a while, buy the next. You’ll slowly accumulate real adult furniture that you can be proud of for life, rather than wasting lots of cash with full turnovers every time you get a raise.

Space and organization

When you were a kid, it might have taken your mom yelling at you for you to get moving on cleaning up your room. Now, however, the way your place looks will be up to you. And make no mistake: how mature and elegant your space appears depends enormously on how well-organized and neat it is.

So get rid of that clutter. Downsize, organize, and invest in furniture that helps you hide essential clutter. You’ll gain a sparser and more beautiful space. Cluttered spaces feel confused and temporary; when everything has its place, space feels mature and calm. No amount of interior decorating can overcome a messy, disorganized room, so cultivate good habits and clean and organize often.





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