How to maintain the new look of your car

In order to maintain the new look of your car, there are a few things which you can do such as dailydusting of the exterior of the car. Custom fit car covers help keepyour car dust free. Routine tasks such as regular washing and waxing the car toprevent rusting and dullness of the paint finish. Waxing and polishing your caris to apply sealant as a layer of shine and protection on the car and also torepair minor scratches and marks from marring the car’s surface.

Elements from the atmosphere such as dust, rain, snow, sea salt, and etc. can causing rusting if left on the body of the car. To prevent rusting or damage to your car, you will need to be diligent in washing and waxing your car to maintain its exterior appearance. Mud left on the car body and under parts of the car will also lead to rusting if not washed off.

By washing your car regularly at least once or twice a month will remove all salt, dirt, grime, and etc. from the surface of the car. If these are left on the car surface for too long, they will cause permanent stains, rusting and even corrosion on the body of the car. Sending your car to the car wash to have its underparts washed and sprayed to remove the dirt and mud. The area under the wheel arches and other hidden areas should also be sprayed to remove any accumulated dirt.

Whenever you have toleave your Chevrolet in the outdoor parking space while you go on your businessor holiday trips, always use a Chevyoutdoor car cover to protect your car from all the outdoor elements such as dirt, rain, or bird dropping which can leave a stain on your car. If you have an indoor garage, then it is good to cover it to prevent dust from settling on your car.

On daily basis, whenever you have to park or leave your car in the hot sun, custom windshield sun shades help to protect the interior of your car. The sun shades will also keep the interior cool as the sun rays is blocked and prevented from heating up the interior of the car. When you return to your car, you will find that your car is kept cool and comfortable for you to drive off without you having to open the window to let off the hot air from the interior.

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