What is the best way to earn money online?

Earning money online is an exciting prospect. For those who are already earning, we recommend that you stay on your path and add depth to the current sphere. However, if presently, you are not receiving income from online ventures, this guide will be great for you. We have compiled a few, essential online business tips and tricks that will help you begin and find the best path for earning money online. Here we go:

Social Media Content

There is no way around social media these days. Once you get online, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, as well as other websites pop in your face. There is a ton of exciting and eye-catching content in there. However, if you have an idea or a strong desire to be popular, you can achieve it.

All it takes is consistency, dedication and perseverance. Find a niche which you are interested in. Find visual templates for posts and edit them with your own content. Share twice per day and comment on popular pages to attract new followers. This should be your plan of action, put on repeat for at least 4-6 months. After which, check your results and decide on the next course of action.

Some Instagram likes from BSMM can help you start as well.

Master SEO

Just sitting at home and optimising websites or content for SEO can be a dream job for some. 4 hours per day for 4 days a week could rake you in 50 thousand per year. However, it would be best if you invest in gaining knowledge and studies in order to understand and be witty with SEO.

We recommend studying free online courses first and testing things with your websites or the websites of your friends. See how it goes and start advertising yourself on Craigslist, Upwork, Fiverr, etc. Offer freebies while starting out, and you will surely attract a ton of customers over time.

Photoshop + Visuals

If you are proficient with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator (any other Adobe app), Sketch, etc. You are automatically a prospective and attractive talent for working online. Drawing logos, designing websites, creating animations and doing all sorts of other work will always find a paying customer. Big businesses pay millions of dollars for website rebrandings or new logo designs. 

Well, what about just starting small. Few hundred dollars here and there (consider offering somethings for free) will become a side hustle quickly. Moving forward, you can transform it into your primary source of income.


It’s dropshipping, just for the 2020s. Instead of offering products, you connect service buyers with suppliers. This stage is nearly effortless. Find new talent on Fiverr, Upwork, etc. Commit to one another by agreeing upon pricing and contract-based work.

Clients turn to you with complex needs (web design, content creation, SEO, legal). You respond by agreeing and contracting a familiar web designer, SEO specialist, lawyer and do the content creation yourself. This requires a lot of management and can be quite intense work when everything is firing on all cylinders. Nonetheless, this will be an excellent experience for managerial practice and prepare you for CEO’ing future ventures.

Video games

Back not so long ago, people thought that earning money from video games is nearly impossible. However, the 21st century and online markets showed that you could make decent bucks from merely dealing within the realms of online games.

Runescape, World of Warcraft and other games have thriving real-world trading markets. Technically not against the law, real-world trading could violate the game’s rules, so be wary.

I Started out in 1976 trying out to sing in bands but no bands were interested in me. In 1977 I started playing guitar. The individual that was teaching me (who for now will remain anonymous) told me that I would NEVER learn how to play guitar because I had no sense of rhythm. I joined my first band in 1978 called "Dead Center" in Jacksonville, Florida. I played an Aspen guitar, black; a Les Paul copy and in 1981. I gave that guitar to the teacher who said I'd never learn to play. I wrote my first song in 1979 or '80. Over the years I have been in many bands but my passion has been songwriting. I have written well over 100 songs and though the early ones were kind of rough around the edges, I think that most of them could be dusted off and given a new facelift. Today I am still working on my songs. Currently I can play guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, harmonica, and Native American flute. The flutes that I play are ones that I made myself. My guitars are the Epiphone G-400 faded, an Ibanez RG370 DX, an Epiphone G 1275 double neck guitar. My acoustic guitars are an Alvarez 12 string and an old Kay guitar. My drum set is a Peace drum set. I do my recording on a Zoom HD16.
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