Britax Organic Baby Carrier and Seat Extender Review

Britax Baby Carrier



As a parent, you want your children close so they are safe and to comfort them. You also want to be close to them. After all, we love our child (or children; whichever the case may be).

I was happy to find the Britax Baby Carrier. It is designed with comfort in mind for both the parents and the child. Just as a backpack is designed to keep the weight on your hips, so too does the Britax Baby Carrier. The waist belt keeps the weight on your hips and the shoulder straps balances the baby’s weight. Some Baby Carriers only use the shoulder straps which puts the weight on your upper back. Your back isn’t designed for that.

The fabric is Cotton. We all know how comfortable cotton is. And this isn’t just cotton, it’s ORGANIC cotton. I even like the sounds of that. Another plus is it’s machine washable. In fact, let’s review the features that the Britax Baby Carrier has:


The Britax baby carrier has so many fabulous features.

  • It grows with your baby
  • Your baby can face you or, face forward and enjoy the view
  • Britax baby carriers saves your back with its unique design
  • It’s ORGANIC
  • Easy on, easy off
  • Padded legs for extra comfort
  • 22 inches to 56 inches
  • Adjustable head support
  • Machine washable


Child Weight (lbs) : 8-32 – Infant insert use recommended for babies weighing between 8 and 14 lbs or until baby’s head reaches top of carrier pouch

Product Weight (lbs): 1.25

Waist Belt Range (in.): 22-56

Bib Weight (lbs): 0.125

Material Content: Outer Fabric is 100% organic cotton, Liner Fabric is 100% organic cotton, and Bib Material is 100% cotton

Courtesy of Britax


You can place your baby facing you or towards the front. I usually have them facing me, but I am sure as they grow, they will want to see the world. It’s nice that I have the option without buying another carrier.

The seat extender that I have is used after the infant insert is discontinued. It is to help spread your child’s legs for their comfort and it helps distribute their weight for your comfort as well. The Seat Extender has the following features:

  • Wider seating area allows your growing child to sit in a natural position when facing inward
  • Insert design allows your child to wrap their legs around your waist, enhancing longer-wearing comfort for you through balanced weight distribution
  • For use once infant insert is discontinued
  • Machine Washable for easy cleaning

The Britax Baby Carrier meets my needs. It is made well to make me feel safe when my baby is in it, and it keeps my hands free to do other tasks when I am not doting over my baby.

If you are in the market to purchase a baby carrier, I think you should consider the Britax Baby Carrier.

I hope this helps,



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  • Berend
    September 3, 2012 at 5:29 am

    This car seat was a life saver! Our daughter is alosmt 4 months now and cried everytime we placed her in her infant seat, except on the day home from the hospital. We couldn’t drive down the road without listening to screams the only time we went anywhere was if she was asleep and often she woke up the minute we put her in her seat. My 8 year old and I would both sit in the back seat with her, it didn’t matter. I read the reviews on this seat so we went to 2 different stores and placed her in the demo. She was fine. My mother offered to purchase it for us so we got it. Sketptical? I was skeptical, so I first took her for a 5 minute ride no crying. The next day I chanced 15 minutes still no crying. The third day we went to my mother’s a 40 minute drive each way. Within a week we were willing to try her on a 3 hour trip. She did great! I think the key for us was my daughter can see out and doesn’t feel confined like the infant seat. She spends most trips gazing out the window and quietly sucking her thumb. Size I’ve read people complain about the size, but it fits fine in our Toyota Prius and our Subaru Outback. In fact it actually allows the front passanger seat to be further back than our previous car seat with a base (Graco Snugride). Buy Two! We’ve had the seat now for 3 weeks and no crying! My husband asks me everyday How was she in the car and everyday I say GREAT! We bought a second one for the other car. Installation This is the easiest car seat I have ever installed, we use the latch system in the Prius and in my mother’s car. IT is so much easier than the latch with the Graco seat. Using latch it takes only minutes to go from one car to another. In the Subaru we use the regular shoulder/seat belt (it’s 8 years old so latch wasn’t available). Which I still like better than the Graco. It is quite expensive, but to us well worth it. If you’re still reading this then you want this seat! (It doesn’t feed hungry babies, so they may still fuss.) A year late My daughter is 15 months now and the seat is still wonderful! We now have the seat facing forward and we still love this car seat.

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