Do You Need an Attorney for a Car Accident Case?

A car accident is always a stressful situation. Who was at fault for the accident? Who will pay for damages? How will it affect insurance rates? These are some of the more mundane questions that will come to mind after the fact. There are potentially worse questions to worry about. Who will cover medical expenses? What about “pain and suffering” compensation? What about missing work? If you’re asking these kinds of questions, then you likely need an attorney after the accident. You might consider this Irvine car accident attorney. The majority of personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis, meaning you won’t owe anything unless the case is won, so there is very little risk to you in starting this process. If you want to have a successful case, there are several things you can do as a client.

Medical attention

Whenever you are injured, you should seek medical treatment immediately. This is especially true in instances where you believe you have a legal personal injury case. First and foremost, this gives you an opportunity to discuss the injury with your doctor as well as describe any unusual sensations you may have. This will help the doctor give you a proper diagnosis and offer the best chance of a full recovery.

Secondly, immediate attention will help prove that all injuries sustained were a result of the accident rather than another cause. The longer you wait to be checked, the more likely the defendant can discredit your claim by saying the injuries could be from another source. This will also help prevent inconsistencies in your medical records, which is extremely important to your case. It’s always bad to have gaps in any documentation, but gaps in medical records are especially harmful and can even ruin your case. Ensuring said inconsistencies never exist is your best way to maintain credibility throughout the process. Never give the defendant information to use against you if you can help it. Make sure to attend any and all follow up appointments and take treatment recommendations seriously to keep records up to date.

Further preparation

There are some other things you can do before an initial meeting with an attorney, as well. It’s advisable to gather all relevant materials to the case beforehand. If at all possible, this should include photographic evidence of the accident scene. Even if you don’t have photos of the car accident itself, it’s still useful to photograph the location and any signs or road markings that could add context to the case. You’ll also want to bring all pertinent documents such as medical records, a police report, and contact information of doctors and available witnesses (if any). Being this prepared will show an attorney that you’re serious about the case and will generally make them more likely to accept yours.

Follow up

Just because your case has been accepted doesn’t mean your responsibilities as a client are at an end. You still need to keep your attorney regularly updated on the case. Firstly, always provide reports on your medical condition. The extent of your injuries and the speed of your recovery are important factors that could greatly impact your settlement. Provide updates on any other developments as well, particularly incidents where you are contacted by outside sources. This will most likely be insurance companies, and you should direct them to your attorney rather than addressing any questions yourself. It’s also advisable that you refrain from a personal social media presence during this time, as absolutely anything could be used against you in court. As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t be saying anything to anyone about the case that you wouldn’t be comfortable seeing brought to the courtroom.

While no attorney can guarantee a successful outcome, following these guidelines will be your best chance.

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