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Wedding in the Dominican Republic from A to Z

Every year, more and more people prefer to celebrate this important day abroad to remember the celebration for the rest of their life. Some of the favorite wedding destinations of the last years are the Caribbean islands, in particular the Dominican Republic. A wedding in the Dominican Republic is a decision that your couple will never regret. One of the advantages of the Dominican wedding is a freedom to choose any day of the year for the celebration and enjoy the fine weather – it is always great in the Caribbean!

Why do people choose wedding in the Dominican Republic more and more often?

Beside picturesque landscapes of the Dominican Republic, the country is a popular wedding destination for other reasons as well:

  • Exotic landscapes (white sand beaches, palm trees, turquoise transparent water of the Caribbean sea and the Atlantic ocean, unforgettable sunsets) only for your couple;
  • Opportunity to combine a wedding with a honeymoon;
  • Untraditional celebration;
  • Opportunity to celebrate a wedding in any season of the year;
  • Excellent weather is guaranteed;
  • Creative wedding photos;
  • Reasonable price (the wedding can be much cheaper than in many other countries. It is also because fewer guests will come to your wedding to the Dominican Republic, thus, you will spend less on food and other things).

Wedding ceremony in the Dominican Republic

When your couple has made a final decision to celebrate your wedding in the Caribbean, you just need to learn about the cost of the wedding in the Dominican Republic. Many couples quit their dream, thinking that this type of wedding is not accessible to them, since it requires large investments. However, in real life, the cost of the wedding varies depending on the type of ceremony and the place of celebration chosen by you.

There are 2 types of ceremony:

  1. Official wedding in the Dominican Republic
  2. Symbolic ceremony

It is worth mentioning that the official wedding registration is less popular than the symbolic one. First, it is much more expensive, and second, it is associated with hustle and bustle about documents required for registration.

Various wedding planners organize the symbolic ceremony differently. For example, with our team the ceremony takes about 20-25 minutes and consists of:

  • Vows of bride and bridegroom;
  • Ring exchange;
  • Sand ceremony;
  • Signing of a wedding certificate;
  • Festive opening of a bottle of champagne and congratulations

To enjoy an ideal wedding in the Caribbean, it is worth considering the following recommendations about the decorations and the couple’s garments:

  • The hot weather with the temperature above 30oC is not compatible with heavy graceless bride’s dresses. Pay attention to light, breathable garments, such as summer dresses and body wraps;
  • A classical bridegroom’s suit in hot weather is not a reasonable choice, thus, choose breathable trousers and a shirt, try different colors and add accessories (hat, braces, bow-tie, jacket);
  • For footwear, it is better to choose sandals that can be decorated. This way, you won’t walk barefoot on hot sand, but will look elegant in the pictures;
  • For photo session, choose two garments: one for ceremony and another one for the “love story” photo session – thus, in one day, you will get the pictures of you having different looks;
  • High humidity can put at risk the make-up and the hairstyle of the bride. To avoid unplanned “surprises”, we recommend that you use the services of a professional make-up and hairstyle artist;
  • Legal issues: If you want to have the official wedding registration, mind that you need much time to gather all the necessary documents and undergo formal proceedings.

Wedding organization in the Dominican Republic

Choosing wedding garments, thinking about the ceremony style, preparing invitations – these are only some of the many steps that the bride and the bridegroom have to take while getting ready for the ceremony. You can plan the ceremony on your own; however, it is not always convenient. Thus, to save your health, high spirits, time and – what is most important – tranquility, entrust your wedding organization to professional planners and just enjoy waiting for the sweet minutes of happiness.

The cost of wedding organization depends on the choices of your couple and starts from 600 USD. By the way, a great advantage for the newlyweds in the Dominican Republic is an opportunity to combine the ceremony with the honeymoon. In such case, the price of about 5000 USD covers:

  • Flight to the Dominican Republic for two
  • A one-week stay for your couple in an all-inclusive hotel
  • Wedding package in one of the venues suggested by the wedding planner

Each wedding package includes all you need for a bright and magic ceremony:

  • Renting of the venue for the ceremony;
  • Transportation;
  • 2 hours of professional photo session;
  • Arch, adornments, decoration of tables, flower bouquet for the bride and buttonhole for the bridegroom in the style of the ceremony chosen by you from our catalogue;
  • Sand ceremony symbolizing the unity and love;
  • Bottle of champagne and decorated glasses for the newlyweds.

Beside the wedding ceremony, in the Dominican Republic you can organize a bachelor or bachelorette party or a quiet romantic night. Here you can get everything you were dreaming about:

  • Arch in unusual form;
  • Bride’s flower bouquet made of fruit or rare flowers;
  • Live music;
  • Transportation to the wedding venue in bright cabriolet, retro-vehicle, helicopter or on horse;
  • Wedding cake in the ceremony style;
  • Romantic wedding dinner for two on the beach by the ocean;
  • Services of stylist for bride and bridegroom.

Do not forget that the price of a wedding abroad is usually given for two people. That is why the cost of the basic wedding package does not include the rent of a banquet hall and hotel rooms. Their price is calculated separately depending on your preferences and the number of guests. We recommend talking with the wedding planner about the services included in your wedding package and additional services for extra charge so that nothing could spoil your wedding day.

A wedding is not only a milestone in the relationships between a man and a woman but also a beautiful celebration of love. The Dominican Republic is an ideal wedding venue, where you can see how your dreams come true and keep this unforgettable day in your memories for long.

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