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Knowing the Steps to Take in the Aftermath of a Crash

It’s not something you expect to be involved in, but with more than 2 million people permanently injured on US roads in 2018 the chances are high it could happen to you. It’s something that can happen in the blink of an eye, whether it’s your fault or someone else’s. When it does happen your adrenaline is pumping, and shock can quickly set in, making everything a bit of a blur. Knowing what to do should such a thing happen helps to ensure you’re protected.

Immediately After the Accident

The first thing you have to do when involved in an accident is to stop your car as soon as possible and turn off the engine. If you don’t stop at the scene of an accident, you’re breaking the law. Switch your hazard lights on and check yourself and your passengers for any injuries. If the collision is a minor one and nobody is injured make a note of it just in case someone tries to claim later on. You’re going to feel a little shaky after the accident but try to remain calm. On no account should you apologize or admit it was your fault.

When to Call the Police

If someone is hurt, or the road is blocked, you should call the police and an ambulance immediately. You should also contact the police if the other driver leaves the scene without providing any details or you think they have no insurance or are under the influence of drink or drugs. You should also contact the police if you think the collision was caused deliberately. The accident has to be reported within 24 hours, or you may have to pay a fine, be disqualified from driving or have points on your license.

Exchanging Details and Recording Information

It’s important all the parties involved in the accident exchange details including make, model, color and registration number of the vehicles involved, the time and date of the crash, together with names and contact details of those involved and any witnesses. It’s also advisable to make a note of the weather conditions and the quality of the road. Any damage to vehicles should also be recorded along with injuries to drivers, passengers or pedestrians. If you’ve got a mobile phone with a camera, taking photographs of the scene is also going to help. All this information is going to be useful in the future should you need to claim compensation. will be able to advise you further.

Making a Claim

As soon as possible you should contact your insurance company and let them know you’ve been involved in an accident. You will be asked to provide details of your insurance policy such as the policy number and car registration number. You’ll also be asked for the registration number of any cars involved, the driver’s personal details and their insurance details. Even if you don’t intend to make a claim, you should let your insurer know about the accident because another driver may decide they want to make a claim without you knowing.

Nobody wants to be involved in a road traffic incident but it pays to be prepared should it happen.

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