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5 Reasons to Choose a Vacuflo Central Vacuum

Vacuuming is a household chore that isn’t enjoyed by most people. However, there are certain things you can do to make it more enjoyable, such as investing in the perfect vacuum system. Why deal with the same old large, bulky item with cords everywhere when you actually don’t have to? There are other options out there!

This is where a Vacuflo central vacuum comes in. If you haven’t heard of them, these systems help you clean your home by transporting any dirt, debris, dust, or anything else through tubing that’s installed directly inside the walls of your home and is connected to the main power unit. This main power unit is usually found in a garage, basement, or another utility area. This ensures you don’t have to worry about lugging around a heavy vacuum or tripping over an array of cords.

What are some other reasons to choose a Vacuflo central vacuum? Let’s take a look.

Easier to Maneuver

As we mentioned briefly above, one of the most annoying parts of vacuuming is having to worry about carrying the vacuum to your desired location and worrying whether the cord will reach a plug-in (and, of course, ensuring that you don’t get twisted up in the cord!). Vacuflo central vacuums don’t have this problem, as the majority of their large tubing is installed in the wall itself—all of it if you utilize the Hide-A-Hose feature. This makes it much simpler and lighter for you to move around.

Additionally, you can choose where in your home to have it installed. Because of this, you can ensure it’s installed where it’s most beneficial for cleaning. You won’t have to worry about whether it reaches or not! In addition to this, you’ll never have to worry about continuously needing to switch outlets ever again.

If you’re confused about how the central vacuum will reach everywhere you need it to reach, that’s where the accessories come in.

Accessories for Anything you Need

The Vacuflo central vacuum has accessories and attachments for anything you may need it to do. For instance, there are several different tools that are meant solely for hard surface cleanings, such as the Microfiber Dust and Vac Tool, and the ZipBroom Combo Tool.

If you’re worried about getting into every single crevice of your home, there are different attachments and accessories for that as well. There’s a wide array of dust and crevice tools, including a couple that are uniquely meant for upholstery or shutter blinds. This means that you don’t need to worry about any crumbs dropping on your couch, or your shutters and blinds ever looking anything less than perfect. This is especially beneficial if you have young children or pets.

No Bags or Filters Are Needed (Unless Desired)

Isn’t one of the other extremely annoying parts about vacuuming always needing to change the bag or worry about the filter? That’s not a worry when it comes to Vacuflo central vacuums. In most cases, when you install one of these in your home, there are no bags or filters used at all. This means that once you suck up the debris, dirt, and so on from your room, it will be gone forever. You don’t even have to worry about removing it yourself! Once it’s sucked up, it travels through a series of different pipes that are located inside your walls. It’s then sent to the main power unit that we mentioned above. This main unit only needs to be emptied every three months, rather than after every use.

Dust, Dirt, and Allergens Are Completely Removed from Your Home

One of the main and important highlights of the Vacuflo central vacuum is that all vacuumed dust, dirt, and allergens are removed every time you vacuum. We personally offer several types of central vacuum power units, but the three main ones are the True Cyclonic, the Filtered Cyclonic, and the Maximum Replaceable Filter Bag. All of these systems eliminate 100 percent of vacuumed allergens and dust from your home.

The True Cyclonic has maximum power all the time. The Filtered Cyclonic has a powerful, high-performance motor that delivers a very strong vacuum power to ensure a deep clean. The Maximum/DB Replaceable Filter Bag also has a very powerful and high-performance motor, which ensures a strong vacuum power. With all of these, you can guarantee a perfect cleaning!

Easy Cleanup and Organization

Regular vacuum cleaners can take up a lot of space, but Vacfulo central vacuums don’t. You may be confused as to how this is the case, especially if you use a lot of accessories and attachments for a certain cleaning. That’s where more accessories than just the above mentioned come in—these are specifically there to help in terms of storage and maintenance. Tools such as the Nylon Hose Carrier, Hide-A-Hose, Wire Tool Caddy, and Tool Bag Hook will help you in terms of storing. Additionally, there is our fabric tool bag, where all you need to do is drop all your tools in it and simply hang it on the tool bag holder.

Remember, you can have a say in where in your home and where in your walls you want the installation to happen. You can likely have it as out-of-sight as you would like it to be. Plus, this frees up closet space in your home as well, especially if that is already limited for you.

If you haven’t already heard of Vacuflo central vacuums, the above five reasons are a good starting point if you’re considering installing one. Especially if you’re one who isn’t a fan of traditional vacuuming, this could be the compromise for you. At Gary’s Vacuflo, we’re happy to discuss anything of interest more in-depth with you, so please feel free to give us a call today. Additionally, we offer even more benefits and incentives, such as a 20 Point Service Inspection. This checkup will make sure your system is always running at its peak performance. We’re happy to work together to figure out the best solution and benefits for you!

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