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5 Reasons Your AC Could Be Having Problems and When to Call the Experts

If your AC malfunctions even for just one day during the summer months, it can be enough to drive you crazy. Living in your own home without an AC can be extremely unpleasant during the summer months.

So, if there is a problem with your air conditioner, you should hire a 24 hour AC repair service and get it fixed right away.

Here are 5 AC issues that must be addressed only by the professionals:

1. Strange Noises

When you turn on your air conditioner, does it make a sound like you have never heard before? If so, there may be something wrong with the internal components or belts, causing them to function abnormally.

If you have never heard your AC make a sound like this before, turn it off immediately and call for professional help. Also, if the unit seems to be making any loud or strange noise, do not attempt to touch or clean anything inside the machine (a mistake that could cause even more problems). Let the experts take care of it.

2. Little or no Airflow

Is your AC suddenly blowing out little to no cold air? It may be due to dirty filters, leaks in the ducts, compressor issues, fan issues, or corroded cooling coils.

If your AC starts to malfunction in any way, get it checked by a professional before running it again. Have a technician check for gas leaks and refrigerant leakages, and issues with the thermostat.

3. Expensive Energy Bills

When your air conditioner is on all day, you can expect it to use up quite a bit of energy. If your electricity bills are higher than usual, you should try turning off the AC for one day and see if that helps bring down the cost of your energy consumption (you may want to try it during a day when you do not need the AC).

If the usage goes down significantly when the AC is turned off, it may mean that something is wrong with the AC unit.

4. Strange Odors

If you notice strange smells coming from your air conditioner, turn it off immediately and call a 24 hour AC repair technician. There is a chance that mold or mildew may have developed inside the unit.

It is best not to try cleaning it yourself, as it may even be due to a gas leak or refrigerant leak.

5. Leaking Water

When water from your air conditioner’s drain pan starts leaking through the vents around the house, you must get it fixed right away. Not only does this mean the AC is dripping, but it could also be a sign that poisonous gasses are being leaked into your home. Have a technician check your AC for leaks, repair it if necessary, and ensure the problem does not recur.

If you notice any of these signs, call for professional help immediately. It is much better to deal with problems before they get out of hand rather than allowing damage to the AC unit to compound over time.

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