How to Keep Your Home Sanitized and Germ-Free During COVID-19

We want to address a question that so many Americans have been asking lately: how do I keep my home safe and clean while COVID-19 is a concern.

To help families of all kinds cope with the stress of the coronavirus, we’ve compiled the top six most important sanitization tasks that can protect from the virus. These are the cleaning tips that will keep your risk low and help all of your household members feel safe. 

Tip #1: Use the RIGHT Cleaning Products 

According to healthcare experts, not all types of cleaning products are effective on COVID-19. You’ll need to abide by the list of EPA-approved disinfectants proven to tackle the coronavirus. 

Some of the best products we recommend using include: 

  • Clorox, Lysol, or store-brand disinfectant wipes 
  • Pure isopropyl alcohol 
  • Cleaning sprays like Purell, Clorox, or Lysol 
  • Hydrogen peroxide 

If you’re using cleaning products that aren’t on the approved list, you might not actually be removing the virus from surfaces in your home. This includes some of the light, non-chemical, eco-friendly sprays that are currently available. 

Remember: you can always make your own bleach disinfectant when stores run out of brand cleaning products. 

Tip #2: Clean All Surfaces Daily 

Recent studies suggest that the coronavirus can live on plastic and stainless steel surfaces for up to three days. That means every time someone comes home and touches a handle or opens a cabinet, they could be leaving traces of COVID-19 behind. 

First things first: upon arriving home, everyone should wash their hands immediately to avoid transferring germs to any surfaces. Then, at least once a day, go over commonly touched surfaces in your home with an approved disinfectant to remove any lingering germs. 

Getting tired of pulling out the disinfectant spray? Give children more responsibility in the home and rope them into helping you wipe down remotes, tables, counters, and doorknobs. Responsible kids and pre-teens should know exactly how to keep their home safe with regular cleaning habits, especially during this pandemic. 

Tip #3: Pay Close Attention to Your Electronics 

Did you know that your cell phone can be 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat? The phones, tablets, laptops, and other electronic devices we touch everyday can harbor millions of germs – including viruses. 

You might already be washing your hands often, but you should also be cleansing the devices you touch with those dirty hands all the time. You can usually use alcohol-based wipes or sprays to remove germs from their surfaces. Doing so daily is highly advisable, especially right now. 

Remember to dry any electronics out quickly after cleaning. Residual moisture from wipes or sprays can damage devices. 

Tip #4: Clean THEN Disinfect 

If you’ve been wiping everything down with alcohol wipes or sprays right away, you might not be eradicating germs as well as you think you are. 

The most effective way to prevent viruses from spreading at home is to clean the object, wait a few minutes, then disinfect. 

What we mean is that you should remove dirt, grime, crumbs, and other contaminants with water first. Then, once the surface is clear of obstructions, the chemicals in the disinfectant can more effectively remove lingering bacteria and viruses. 

Tip #5: Keep Your Air Clean

You’ve been thinking a lot about keeping your surfaces and bodies clean, but what about the air you breathe? 

Considering that we’re facing a virus that affects the respiratory system, it’s a good idea to ensure your home is full of fresh, clean air. You can do this by having your air system serviced by professionals – they’ll switch out your filters and ensure everything is clean and healthy. 

The sooner you contact an HVAC company, the sooner you can breathe easier – literally. This is especially important during the summer when many of our air conditioning systems will be facing extreme stress from hot weather conditions. 

Tip #6: Don’t Get Too Obsessive 

Although we understand that everyone wants to protect their homes and family members as much as possible right now, there is such a thing as cleaning too much. 

Work on keeping countertops and other hard surfaces clean. Wipe off door handles and light switches. Continue with your basic cleaning practices and tidying up. 

There’s no need to wash your clothes immediately upon returning home or shower multiple times each day, scrubbing at your skin. As long as you’re washing your hands correctly (20 seconds with soap and warm water) and doing your best to keep everything sanitized, you’re doing enough. 

In Conclusion 

We’re certainly living in strange times, but most of us are taking great steps to prevent the spread of the coronavirus – both at home and in public. 

Continue to socially distance and practice safe habits while you’re out and about. Once you return home, wash those hands and remember to clean touched surfaces daily. If you’re taking extra measures to clean your home on a regular basis, with the proper disinfectants, you’re doing your part to keep your home safe from COVID-19. 

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